The Adolescent Brain

The Adolescent Brain

Good morning everyone!  This article is offered through the Annie E Casey Foundation, which is a national foundation that promotes child welfare and social justice for children.  Click on the link above (the words in blue, The Adolescent Brain) to read it.  It’s a little bit of a heavy read, so take your time with it, but the underlying theme is important.  Neuroplasticity is a concept that is gaining a lot of popularity lately.  The term refers to the idea that the brain can adapt to a number of traumas or life events by altering connections within itself.  You might hear about a person with a traumatic brain injury who was able to regain use of his or her limbs even though the part of the brain that helps those limbs function was damaged.  This is neuroplasticity (or brain plasticity).  This is an important concept with our kids in care.  Even though they may not have had physical injury to their brains, recent research shows that psychological stress and trauma also has physical effects on kids’ brains.  Kids’ brains are still growing and developing, so it is a particularly good time to help their brains create new connections to repair the wounds from their past.  This article gives specific recommendations, as well as specific ways that you can implement these recommendations in your home with your kids.  Which ones sound the best to you?  I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these in your homes and if you’ve found any of them effective!  Remember, if you want credit for the trainings you do on this blog, you need to leave me a little comment, so I know that you’ve done it!


One thought on “The Adolescent Brain

  1. This article was so interesting and it seems so sad that those teens would not have the love and guidance of caring adults in their lives. At such a vunerable stage in their life it would be very hard to do it alone. I also learned from this that I need to focus on all areas including artistic talents. I have been focusing on intellectual goals and sports for physical outlets, but I don’t want to miss out on music and art for my children. It is encouraging to note that the brain can still heal even as late as the teenage years from previous trauma suffered. With enough love and support hopefully these teens can make it too!

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