Toxic Stress and the Child

This is about a half hour video about how children experience stress and what affect it can have on them. I think this particular topic is important to think about, as each and every child in care has experienced the stress of being removed from their biological family. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that, once they’re removed from the abusive environment, they should feel the relief of less stress. That their behavior should reflect this reduced stress. Instead, what often happens, is that they’ve learned methods to cope with stress that may have worked in the abusive environment, but appear to be wrong in the foster home. Changing these behaviors takes a very long time and some intentional work. Also, I think it’s important to realize that what might not feel stressful to us as adults, may feel very stressful to children. They haven’t had the years of experience to give them perspective on stressful events, so they have no way to put those events into context. They cannot say “Well, that was a little hard, but it wasn’t as bad as this other thing that happened.” How do you all see your kids experience stress?


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