Welcome Foster Parents!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Thanks for bearing with me as we test-run this new training format!  I would like this blog to be an interactive resource for each of you, in finding new ideas and new techniques for dealing with your kiddos.  I will be posting at least three hours worth of training material each month for each of you to have access to.  If you are a primary foster parent and participate in all of this training, this will get you to your required training hours for relicensure.

In order to get these hours, though, I expect you to do more than just watch the videos, or listen to the podcasts, or read the materials.  At the end of each post, there is a section for comments.  To get credit for participating in the training, I want you to post at least one comment about what you thought or what you learned or how you’ll implement these ideas into your foster care.  When I see that you’ve posted a comment, I’ll bring a training invoice to our next home visit for you to sign, and we’re good to go!

As we progress, I welcome feedback and ideas for how we can make this a better resource for all of you, as well as topics you would like to learn more about.  I’m also hoping that eventually, I can incorporate an online forum, so all of you wonderful foster parents can talk with each other online and get support and ideas from each other.

Happy Training!!


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