Lemn Sissay: A Child of the State

Welcome everyone! This video is roughly 20 minutes long, and is by a man who was a ward of the state in England. He talks about the importance of letting foster children own their past and their experiences. In my mind, this idea is so important. It can be so powerful when kids feel like they can talk about what happened to them, and can say “this is part of me, but this isn’t all of me.” Often kids get the message that, once the abuse is over, they don’t need to talk about it because it might bring up bad feelings. I disagree with that thought. Sometimes, by telling and retelling a story, a kid (or adult for that matter) can begin to see that event in new ways, which will help them understand it better. Maybe they’ll see that what happened wasn’t their fault. Maybe they’ll begin to feel the emotions of that event less intensely. What do you think about what Mr. Sissay said?


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